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the cast


C O M E  on  in

Lei (Lee)

Frustrated artist, prodigal son returned. He is not in control, he cannot ‘figure’ it out, and yet he, himself, is the key to it all somehow. Played by writer/director Daniel Callahan.

"How long has it been?


Leah nahallac

Lei's doting mother Leah Nahallac played by Andrea Lyman.


"I know that look, it's the same look you father had... and your brother... now you."

- Leah



Lei’s homie from high school played by Abner Valdes.


“Mad as I was about it, them kids - probably saved my life…”



Lei’s colorful boss, played by Cliff Blake.


“We’ve been going over the call sheets…”


The Voice.png

the voice

"Confident, mysterious, strange. The voice on the other end of the phone. Played by Patrice Jean-Baptist.

"Cut our the middleman Lei, and everything ou want in life, is yours." 

- The Voice


Big man, little patience for bullsh*t. 

Played by Percy Lewis.

"You don't know the name of the name of the party who invited you?"




The beautiful bartender and aspiring poet with a heavy pour. Played by Jordan Lloyd.

"You look like you could use a drink.

Don't worry, it's on the house."



Lei’s art agent... right? Played by Marshall Hughes.


“Well, you finally made it.  We thought you'd gotten lost.”


Mr & Mrs Ellerman.png

Mr. & Mrs. EllerMan

If you get a meeting with the Ellerman's you take it. played by Jack Schultz & Holly Newman

"We'd like to purchase your new series Mr. Nahallac."

-The Ellerman's


A hint of Charlie Rose with a dash of James Lipton it's our favorite host; played by Tony Poole.


“Do you see yourself as a medium Lei, or a master?”




Leinad’s troubled brother. Played by Ezra Stevens.

"I'd always like to think that, that was it you know, that was why I needed to be here, so I could be there,

for you."


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