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About the film

After a failed attempt at “making it”, jaded artist Leinad Nahallac (29), returns home, only to find a life empty of meaning and a soul-emptying job.  But when he mistakenly dials a wrong number at work, a mysterious voice on the other end shatters his malaise and offers him a way out of his misery.  An uncanny journey ensues in which the lines between reality and fantasy, past and present, dream and nightmare blur into a maddening labyrinth that will lead Lei either towards his ultimate destiny or destruction.


Blending the quirky surrealism of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with the interpersonal drama of A Beautiful Mind all through the unique perspective of a millennial person of color, Come On In promises a visual treat both familiar and uncommon in all the right ways.

C O M E  on  in

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